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Membrane Separation Systems

 Water Reclamation By


Up to 95% Water Recovery from Spent Coolant, Mop Water, Industrial Wastewater, and Plating Shop Effluents

  • Manual, or auto start /stop, based on dirty, and permeate holding tank levels.
  • Automatic freshwater membrane flush on pump shut down.
  • Manual  cleaning mode, or automatic initiated by permeate flow reduction, permeate gallonage, or time,
  • Automatic process tank concentration, drain, refill, and restart. Cleaning tank can be upgraded to include Automatic ball valve to drain and refill. Soap can be added automatically.
  • Valves sequence during cleaning cycle to flush dirty water from piping manifold back to process tank to extend cleaning solution life.
  • All components can be enclosed by insulated door for freeze protection.
  • Optional Auto decant process tank floating oil prior to process pump start.
  • Optional cleaning tank heater.
  • Optional heat exchanger to reduce process fluid temperatures for 24/7 operation.
  • Optional Ethernet card allows remote monitoring of the system, and program upgrades.

   Waste Water Treatment, Recovery, and Reuse
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